Kaimakani your such a handsome little fellow. #favepacificbottlenosedolphinthatiworkwith #alsotheonlypacificbottlenosedolphiniworkwith #slp #sealifepark  (at Sea Life Park)


when a girl make u feel some type of way


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you can’t really say ‘happiness’ without saying ‘penis’

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my blog will make you horny ;)


it’s time for leo dicaprio to give up on his acting career and open a coffee shop called Leonardo DiCappuccino 

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Happy birthday to the King of Christmas lights! Have a fantastic day, I wish I could celebrate with you. Thank you for being a perfect example of what an amazing husband and father is supposed to be, you’ve set my standards pretty high. Good pick @nieceloves2dance. Love and miss ya dad! #thanksforgivingmeyoursenseofhumor  (at Starlight Lane Christmas Lights)


i have a friend who has been taking birth control since she was 12 because she’s anemic and if she didn’t take it she would bleed out excessively during her period and end up in the hospital

dont fucking tell me that birth control isn’t crucial to people

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